Principles vs. Practices

One of the most glaring divides in the life of many churches is the divide between principles and practices.

A principle is an understanding about how to do things; a fundamental truth about the way things ought to be. A practice, of course, is what you actually do – and ideally, as a result of a guiding principle.

Here's the breakdown: a leader will know a principle, espouse a principle, even believe they are following a principle, but in reality (practice) they are not.

For example, I'll talk to a church leader who will say something like, "Our services are designed for people to invite their unchurched friends to attend." That is a principle: weekend services should be designed to be a front-door to those who are relationally far from God.

But that has teeth. It means opening the front door to someone who is spiritually illiterate, pluralistic and self-absorbed. They are simultaneously confused and dogmatic, open and closed, seeking and complacent. They have little if any background in worship (much less liturgy), religious buzz-words, theology or the Bible.

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Daily Headline News

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Financially Fit

Each new year is a time for a fresh start. We resolve to finally go to the gym, get our finances in order, stop procrastinating or start reading our Bible. We resolve to make this year different. By February most of us will have abandoned our well-intentioned goals and end the year no further along than when it started.

What if in 2015 we broke the cycle?

Instead of focusing on the number on the scale or the savings in the bank account, let's look at the bigger picture. During the month of January, Senior Pastor Jim White will walk through how we can be fit in all areas of life so that we can experience true change.


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