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From the Church & Culture Team: Readers of Dr. White's blog will surely know of the events that have been taking place in Charlotte, N.C., over the past week. We thought offering an email Dr. White sent out to the church he serves – Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte – would serve others as it served us.



If you're like me, you're experiencing both grief and frustration over our city's current crisis.

Grief that another human life ended through the barrel of a gun. It doesn't matter how a life is lost, or why; every life is sacred and is to be deeply mourned.

Grief that beyond that loss of life, police officers are in hospitals.

Frustration that protests turn from expressing heartfelt concern to violence and lawlessness - from looting Walmarts to burning trucks. As one protester shouted out to those breaking bottles in the street: "Stop! That's not what this is about!"

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Daily Headline News

Birth of '3-Parent Baby' a Success for Controversial Procedure

A few months ago, after a fertility procedure at a Mexican clinic, a healthy baby boy was born in New York to a couple from Jordan. It was the first live birth of a child who has been called — to the dismay of scientists who say the term is grossly misleading — a three-parent baby. (Kolata, The New York Times)


Keeping the faith might be more difficult if your parents are divorced

The study says 35 percent of people raised by divorced parents consider themselves religiously unaffiliated, compared to 23 percent of people whose parents were married for most of their childhood. (Suneson, AOL News)


America's First Post-Christian Debate

The bitterness and solipsism of their debate offered an unnerving glimpse of American politics in a post-Christian age, devoid of the framework that has long bound the nation together. (Appelbaum, The Atlantic)


Move over, princess. This year's most popular Halloween costume is...

"So far it's superheroes across the board: For kids, for adults, for pets," said Lorenzo Caltagirone, owner of Total Fright, a year-round costume shop in Arlington. (Bhattarai, The Washington Post)


Thinking About God and Science

It's been suggested by some that if you explore the Christian faith, much less a church, you're going to have to "check your brains at the door." But what if the opposite was true? What if Jesus Himself said, "Don't" check your brains at the door. As you explore the Christian faith, dig deep, ask tough questions, bring out your doubts. In this series, James Emery White - who holds a Ph.D., studied at Oxford, and came to faith himself through a fair amount of doubt - explores how to engage the Christian faith intellectually.

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