How Culturally Literate Are You?

I've seldom met a church leader who didn't think themselves up on culture. This despite the plethora of culturally outdated approaches to ministry littering the landscape like discarded 8 track tape players.

So how about you?

Would you pass a cultural literacy test?

Let's find out, courtesy of the latest edition of Wired magazine. Eight questions, four choices per question, answers at the end (but no peeking).

1. What is Synbio?

A. Where you put the really naughty stuff in your Facebook profile
B. Tricking yeast into belching out stuff like morphine
C. A new mobile game where you control ribosomes and Golgi apparatuses
D. The name of Kanye and Kim's forthcoming second child

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Daily Headline News

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Receiving Money

Let's face it. We all need money for life. Money for a place to live, food to eat, utilities, our kid's education. Then there's insurance and braces, cars and gas. Does God care? Does this Bible He's given to us tell us how to keep a consistent flow of money coming into our life or is that discussion somehow off-limits? And please, don't give me this "health and wealth" stuff I hear on TV. But if there's something real, authentic, and truly helpful, I'm all ears. Insight into earning, margin, and, yes, God's actual help on getting the money I need to live.

Fair enough.

Welcome to "Money for Life," the new series at Meck, led by our senior pastor, Jim White.


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