I was working out in the gym recently when I saw a younger man who had the word "valor" emblazoned on his t-shirt.

It struck me that I hadn't heard that word, much less seen it, in a very long time.

But it's a good word.

If someone is marked by valor, it means they bear the marks of strength, courage and bravery. When facing challenges and adversity, they go forward with confidence.

Christians need more valor today.

In the West, we are the first generation facing a post-Christian culture since the dawn of the Christian faith. Let that sink in. No other generation has lived in such a post-Christian culture – meaning a culture that was once Christian but now is not – until ours.

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Daily Headline News

Study: Nonreligious Americans see evidence of creator

More than 4 in 10 of the nonreligious believe physics and humanity point to a creator, LifeWay Research finds. A third say human morality indicates a creator who defines right and wrong. (Green, Baptist Press)


Supreme Court Justices Deeply Divided Over Death Penalty In New Term

While the justices seemed to be in some agreement on the technical questions before the court, the issue of the death penalty clearly remains an open sore. (Totenberg, NPR)


Racy reads too hot for some schools to handle

Individuals on all sides of the issue say there's a broader debate about what types of books high school students should read. [Especially when it comes to] writings [that] are steeped in explicit descriptions of sexual thoughts and conduct. (Cervenka, USA Today)


The world did not end, despite Doomsday predictions

The world was due to be engulfed in the flames of God's wrath on Wednesday. People told us what they were doing on their last day on Earth and what they were having for their last meal. (Horton, The Telegraph)



You're caught between a rock and a hard place. There doesn't seem to be a definite answer and you feel everything is on the line. You're stuck... trapped.

As a parent, there are always big decisions to make. Each decision has a thousand potential outcomes and everyone claims to have the answer. You're told spanking is bad, but time-out doesn't work. You're not crazy about public school, but have no other valid options. Your kid claims "everybody else is doing it," and now you feel caught between cultural norms and parenting. Whatever the dilemma, you're constantly in search of the "right" answer.

In this series, Senior Pastor Jim White will explore four big areas where parents get stuck and discuss how they can move forward in the face of life's potential "Parent Traps."


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